Community Car scheme

GWPC is looking into setting up a Community Car Scheme to provide car services to parishioners, e.g. to get to a post office for pensions, visits to hospital and so on. While we investigate the mechanics of how such a scheme can be run we’re looking for volunteer drivers. This does not commit anyone to anything at this stage, we’re just seeing whether we can get enough volunteers to make it feasible. Anybody wishing to volunteer, please complete and submit the contact form.

Bus Timetable info

Many of you will have seen the new bus timetable for the Fakenham-Norwich route, and GWPC has received comments that it’s not as useful as the previous timetables, in that it doesn’t show the times at the stops in between those two destinations. E.g. if you get on in the village and get off at Hellesdon there’s no time telling passengers when that would be, nor departure from Hellesdon on the return journey.

GWPC will write to Norfolk Green asking for ‘old style’ timetables!