NHS Winter advice


Just a reminder from the NHS in Norfolk and Waveney about how to help us help you this winter.

All of us should be making sure our medicine cabinets are stocked. It’s also sensible to order any regular medicines you need in good time so you don’t run out, taking care to only order what you need.

But if you do feel poorly, seek advice from your local pharmacist before it gets worse.

If it’s urgent, then a call to your GP or NHS111 is the next step, and they’ll advise you what to do.

Common sickness bugs

Suffering from norovirus or other common sickness bugs? Don’t spread it around by visiting your GP or other public places. Stay at home and rest. #HelpUsHelpYou

Find more advice here 

HomeFirst – your bed is the best bed!

None of us want to go into hospital or a care bed, but if we do it’s good to get home if we can. The NHS and social care across all of Norfolk and Waveney are stressing that if someone needs a hospital or temporary care bed they will get one, but our aim is always to help people get back home as soon as possible. This is because older people in particular can lose independence rapidly. Being back home can also help a speedier recovery. So if you know a friend or relative, particularly if they are older, who has to go into hospital it would be kind to make sure they have all they need to get back home, including checking the heating works and they will have food in the house, the washing is done and they feel OK. 

New Year, New You

With the start of a New Year people’s thoughts turn to getting fit and improving their health. To stay healthy or improve health, adults need to do two types of physical activity each week: aerobic and strength exercises.

How much physical activity you need to do each week depends on your age. Adults aged 65 or older who are generally fit and have no health conditions that limit their mobility should try to be active daily by doing at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or walking, and strength exercises on two or more days a week.

Why not join a local walking group, go for a swim or join a local class, your library should have information about groups near you.

There are many local services that can enable older people to be more active. A wealth of information can be found through the Norfolk Community Directory.

Calendars for bin collections

The annual calendars for all bin collections have now been made digital, so can be accessed by residents via the Broadland District Council website and be printed at home or downloaded onto computers/mobile devices.

This change has been made due to increased online access and the issues we’ve had when delivering the calendars during the bad weather we typically experience at this time of year. As calendars are left under residents’ bin-lids rain can damage them and results in many calendars being unusable. To counter this we have made the decision to put the calendars online only and we will not be delivering calendars under the bin lids as normal. Residents will be able to find the calendar relevant to them by using the online bin finder.

If there are issues surrounding computer/internet access we are able to print copies internally and send them to residents via post.

Collection Days over Christmas 2018

Residents whose collection day change is before their normal collection day will be sent a flyer highlighting that their collection day is being brought forward. Those whose collection day change falls after their normal collection day will be able to find out this information online and in the Broadland News.

Normal Collection Day Temporary Collection Day
Monday 24th December Saturday 22nd December (2 days early)
Tuesday 25th December Monday 24th December (1 day early)
Wednesday 26th December Thursday 27th December (1 day later)
Thursday 27th December Friday 28th December (1 day later)
Friday 28th December Saturday 29th December (1 day later)
Monday 31st December *As Normal*
Tuesday 1st January Wednesday 2nd January (1 day later)
Wednesday 2nd January Thursday 3rd January (1 day later)
Thursday 3rd January Friday 4th January (1 day later)
Friday 4th January Saturday 5th January (1 day later)


There will be no brown bin collections over this two week period.

Notice of Public Local Inquiry – Public Footpaths

Section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – Norfolk County Council (Great Witchingham) Modification Order 2017

Norfolk County Council confirms the Planning Inspectorate is to consider the above Order at a Public Inquiry scheduled to commence at  10.00 am. on 16th January 2019 in Great Witchingham Village Hall.

For more information please click on the Notice and Order Map below

The inquiry has been scheduled for 1 day. If you wish to attend, please note that refreshments may not be available and therefore you may wish to bring a drink/lunch although these items should only be consumed during the breaks provided during the course of the day.

Site notice

Order Map

At the inquiry Norfolk County Council will take a neutral stance. This means that although the Council will attend to deal with any queries which the Inspector may have, it will neither actively support nor oppose the case. The Council believes that it can contribute nothing further to the process with regard to the evidence and it is for the applicants and the objectors to present their respective cases.


Vacancy for Parish Councillor

Great Witchingham Parish Council is looking to co-opt three parish councillors to fill the current vacancies. This is an exciting time to join a dynamic council and we would love to hear from you if you would like to make a real difference in your community. Ordinary meetings of the Council are normally held in Great Witchingham Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm on the second Thursday of every odd month.

Please refer to the Co-option Notice in the first instance.

Co-option Notice Dec 2018

Co-option Policy


NCC Consultation – Budget 2019/2020

Norfolk County Council helps make the county better for everyone who lives or works here or travels to Norfolk. The many services we run include ensuring children and young people have the best start in life, providing the fire and rescue service, protecting vulnerable people, maintaining a safe road system and helping improve the economy. We spend over a billion pounds every year providing public services.

Even though we are proposing to increase council tax next year, by the minimum required to put our finances on a sound footing, the amount of money we hope to raise wouldn’t be enough to balance our budget.

This means we must continue to make some difficult decisions about how we spend your money.

You can find out more at www.norfolk.gov.uk/budget and have your say using our online feedback form. Using our online feedback ensures we have a clear record of your response and that your views are accurately recorded.

We appreciate that not everyone has online access and people who are unable to respond online can send us send their views in writing to:

Freepost Plus RTCL-XSTT-JZSK Norfolk County Council, Ground floor – south wing, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich NR1 2DH.

People can request individual consultation documents in other formats, including paper form, by calling 0344 800 8020 or emailing haveyoursay@norfolk.gov.uk. We will make all materials as accessible as possible.

Our consultation closes at midnight on Sunday 23 December 2018. Please note that if we receive any consultation responses after this date we cannot guarantee that we will be able to take them into account.

NCC Consultation – Norwich Western Link options

In early November, Norfolk County Council published four potential route options for a Norwich Western Link, to connect the western end of Broadland Northway (formerly the Northern Distributor Road) to the A47. The council wants to improve travel between these two major roads and to tackle the transport problems that exist in the area to the west of Norwich, including slow journey times, rat running and roads not being suitable for the volume and type of traffic.

The four routes have been published following months of work to identify which options would be most effective as a Norwich Western Link. The shortlisted options were also informed by the results of an initial Norwich Western Link consultation which was held earlier this year. This consultation had more than 1,700 responses and showed there was very strong support for creating a new link between the A47 and Broadland Northway, with the majority of those responding suggesting a new road as their preferred solution.

The shortlist is made up of three new dual carriageway roads and a single carriageway upgrade to the B1535, and all of the options also include improvements to the A1067 Fakenham Road.

A public consultation on these routes will run between

                                       Monday 26 November 2018 and Friday 18 January 2019.

During the consultation, people will be asked for their views on the options and these responses will help the council identify a preferred option for a Norwich Western Link in spring 2019. The consultation is also an opportunity to tell the council about any relevant information they should consider before deciding on a preferred route.

You can find out more about the options and respond to the consultation online via www.norfolk.gov.uk/nwl from Monday 26 November. You can also respond in person, and ask any questions they may have, at a series of staffed consultation events taking place throughout the consultation period. Information on these events is below, all the events will run between 2 and 8pm unless otherwise stated and people can drop in at any point between these opening times.

Norwich WL_Options_Poster_14.11.18

NCC Consultation – Transforming our Children’s Centres

Norfolk County Council have been working on the re-design of a proposed new service 
for children’s centres which reflects national and local changes as to how families 
are supported and considers the needs of parents with children aged 0-5 years across Norfolk.

The proposed new service aims to:

1.Bring the services out of the buildings and into the community, to the children and  families who need it the most.
2.Help communities and parents offer local activities and groups.
3.Make it easier for families to access the information and advice they need, through  providing better joined up online and digital services.
4.Change how we work to make sure we deliver in the best way for today’s families.

We are  consulting  on this proposed new model and wanted to direct you to the 
webpage www.norfolk.gov.uk/childrenscentres where the consultation proposals are 
published and open for consideration and your responses.  The consultation is open 
until 12 November and we look forward to receiving your feedback,