Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Preferred Options Consultation

Norfolk County Council is currently consulting on its Preferred Options for the Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan (M&WLP). The Consultation will take place over a six-week period from 18 September to 30 October 2019 (inclusive) and comments have been invited.

The M&WLP includes a forecast of the quantities of waste that need to be planned for over the Plan period to 2036 and criteria-based policies to determine planning applications for waste management facilities.¬† The Preferred Options document does not allocate specific sites for waste management facilities however Atlas Works is again on the short list of “suitable sites ” with an increased estimated throughput of 300,000 tonnes of waste per annum. This proposal¬†does not include the tonnage relating to the existing Metal Recycling facility.

Due to the timescale the Parish Council is now forming its view and will inform each property in the parish of its response to the consultation.

Watch out for the leaflet which will be coming through your door in the near future which will give information on how you can get involved.

Traffic calming scheme

The traffic calming scheme for the A1067 through the village is due to commence in the week beginning 19 August. The scheme was put forward by the Parish Council within the 2018 – 2019 Parish Partnership Initiative which is administered by Norfolk County Council with the aim of delivering local highway improvements. The concern of vehicles regularly exceeding the speed limit was discussed with officers from NCC and the scheme for the imminent passive traffic calming measures evolved.

The A1067 is an arterial principal route through the county and is not suitable for physical traffic calming measures. Physical measures provide additional noise and pollution for local residents and can be unpopular with the emergency services and transport providers. Passive measures reinforce speed messages to drivers and so an overall reduction in average traffic speeds is achieved. View the plan of the scheme below

It is intended that work will be carried out at night in order to minimise any inconvenience.