Great Witchingham Parish Council is subject to the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities (TCSA), and is required to publish certain sets of data.  This page fulfills that requirement.

Councillor responsibilities. See “Councillors” page.

Minutes . See “Minutes” page.


Notice of Conclusion of Audit – Notice Conclusion of Audit
Final External Auditor Report & Certificate – Final Ext Auditor Report & Certificate
Notice of Audit – Notice of Audit & Right to Inspect
Interim External Auditor Report & Certificate – Interim Ext Auditor Report & Certificate
Spend over £100 – Payments for 2017- 2018
Annual Governance Statement – Annual Governance Statement
Accounting Statements – Accounting Statements
Bank Reconciliation – Bank Reconciliation
Explanation of Variances – Explanation of Variances
Internal Auditor Report – Internal Auditor Report
Notice of Public Rights – Notice of Electors Rights

Agreed Budget & Precept



Notice of Conclusion of the Audit – Notice Conclusion of Audit

External Audit Report – Ext Auditor Report
Spend over £100 – 2. Spend over £100
Governance and accounts statement – Governance statement
Bank reconciliation – 1. reconciliation
Variance statement – 3. Significant Variances 16-17
Internal audit report – Gt W auditor letter


Spend over £100 – Spend over £100 GW receipts 15-16
Governance and Accounts Statement – Governance and Accounts statement
Bank Reconciliation –Bank Reconciliation
Variance Statement – Variance Report
Internal Audit Report – Internal audit summary letter GW 16


Spend over £100 – Gt W Expenditure over £100
Scan of 2014/15 Audit  – Great Witchingham Parish Council Audit
Bank reconciliation – Gt W Bank Reconciliation