Additional Meeting of the Parish Council – Atlas Works Planning Application.

An additional single-item meeting of the parish council will be held from 7-8pm on Thursday 5 November, in the main hall of the village hall.

The meeting is for councillors to discuss and agree a response to the Atlas Works planning application for a waste processing plant in Weston Longville.  Interested parishioners are welcome to come and listen to the discussion.

Due to the size of the planning application hard copies will not be available on the night. If you wish to look at the planning application in advance, enter the application number into the Norfolk County Council website at the following link – The number is C/5/2015/5007- Morton on the Hill:   S P C Atlas Works, Norwich Road, Weston Longville, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5SL.

Parishioners are encouraged to submit their own comments to the Norfolk County Council case officer Ralph Cox, email address by the deadline of 6 November 2015.

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