Himalayan balsam on the River Wensum

Norfolk Rivers Trust and the Norfolk Non-Native Species Initiative (NNNSI) have joined forces to reduce, and where possible, eliminate Himalayan balsam from the Wensum river catchment, as part of a project funded by Anglian Water.

Why is this needed?

Although it may look attractive, balsam is an invasive non-native plant that can spread rapidly in aquatic environments and out-compete our native species. Balsam can therefore be detrimental to local biodiversity, and due to its seasonal nature, it can also leave entire sections of riverbanks bare during the winter months – leading to bank erosion and sedimentation of the river channel.

How you can get involved

The project aims to bring together and collaborate with many organisations, landowners and river users – all with a common goal to improve their local river.

With the project spanning several years (until 2025), and manual pulling of balsam as the preferred method of control, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved!

Keep an eye out for upcoming events by visiting: https://rebrand.ly/wensumbalsamproject or email NNNSI@norfolk.gov.uk 

Further information:

·        Himalayan Balsam quick identification sheet: http://www.nnnsi.org/assets/NNNSI/HB-ID.pdf

·        Report a sighting (sign in as guest): https://rebrand.ly/balsamsighting

·        Report balsam control work (sign in as guest): https://rebrand.ly/balsamcontrol
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