NCC Consultation – Transforming our Children’s Centres

Norfolk County Council have been working on the re-design of a proposed new service 
for children’s centres which reflects national and local changes as to how families 
are supported and considers the needs of parents with children aged 0-5 years across Norfolk.

The proposed new service aims to:

1.Bring the services out of the buildings and into the community, to the children and  families who need it the most.
2.Help communities and parents offer local activities and groups.
3.Make it easier for families to access the information and advice they need, through  providing better joined up online and digital services.
4.Change how we work to make sure we deliver in the best way for today’s families.

We are  consulting  on this proposed new model and wanted to direct you to the 
webpage where the consultation proposals are 
published and open for consideration and your responses.  The consultation is open 
until 12 November and we look forward to receiving your feedback,