Notice of Public Local Inquiry – Public Footpaths

Section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – Norfolk County Council (Great Witchingham) Modification Order 2017

Norfolk County Council confirms the Planning Inspectorate is to consider the above Order at a Public Inquiry scheduled to commence at  10.00 am. on 16th January 2019 in Great Witchingham Village Hall.

For more information please click on the Notice and Order Map below

The inquiry has been scheduled for 1 day. If you wish to attend, please note that refreshments may not be available and therefore you may wish to bring a drink/lunch although these items should only be consumed during the breaks provided during the course of the day.

Site notice

Order Map

At the inquiry Norfolk County Council will take a neutral stance. This means that although the Council will attend to deal with any queries which the Inspector may have, it will neither actively support nor oppose the case. The Council believes that it can contribute nothing further to the process with regard to the evidence and it is for the applicants and the objectors to present their respective cases.