Parish Council Meeting 24th April 2014 – Minutes


 Draft Minutes of meeting of Great Witchingham Parish Council at Great Witchingham VA Primary School on Thursday 24th April 2014 at 7:30pm.




(1361)                       Welcome

(1362)                       Apologies for absence: James Joyce will be attending later

(1363)                       Minutes of the last council meeting approved

(1364)                       Matters arising not mentioned elsewhere on the agenda

a) NALC membership to be considered under finance at next meeting

b) Insurance quotes will be ready for next meeting

c) All GWPC emails not handed over from previous GWPC clerk have now been lost. Financial resources are not available to take legal action

d) Lovells have agreed with Herbie to clear all site rubbish every Saturday.

e) Gateway from VH to public footpath: Herbie to clarify situation

d) Parish Litter: Herbie has found young person from village to take on this job.

e) GWPC thanked Herbie for his efforts

(1365)                       No declarations of interest from members in any item to be discussed

(1366)                       Meeting adjourned to allow public participation:

Parking on Heath Close is a concern as access to emergency vehicles is restricted, oil delivery is inhibited, residents cannot be taken to their doors with shopping, hedges cannot be cut and there are cars on the pavement. GWPC to approach highways and ask for road markings and signs

(1367)           Update on District Council Representation: GWPC has had no response from BDC (Andrew Proctor), reminder was sent. Department for Communities and Local Government suggests GWPC follow BDC complaints procedure.

(1368)           GWPC to raise complaint against Broadland District Council Planning Officer as per David Sayer’s email.

(1369)           Improvements to road safety in the area between the junction of Nowhere Lane and the A1067 where it enters the village:

Meeting took place with NCC highways to discuss 50mph speed limit, site lines, double white lines, and improvements to junction. GWPC to chase NCC officer, James Winter.

(1370)           Data gathering equipment: waiting for confirmation from Westcotec that the information it gathers will produce the sort of analysis we need.

Reepham High school student design approved for bike racks. Quotes to be obtained for construction of the bike racks. GWPC to contact Reepham High School re £750.00 as they are now unable to build it for this amount.

(1371)                       To consider planning applications/matters

i.     Planning application 20140613Single Storey extension Woodleigh, The Street. Herbie has been to visit the neighbours. GWPC have no objection subject to no objection from neighbours

ii.     Clay Hall Farm: GWPC still awaiting reply from BDC Planning. NCC have refused a meeting with GWPC. GWPC and parishioners cannot make an informed decision without full information. GWPC continue to support a small housing development on the site of the original buildings. Residents of Heath Lane and Heath Close strongly objected to any development off Heath Lane. GWPC agreed to ask BDC to pursue enforcement of outstanding planning conditions for CHF site.

iii.     Land opposite the Garage: BDC has approached housing association about negotiating with owner to develop land for housing.

iv.     Request for double yellow lines from Heath Lane to Porters lane on the North side of A1067 to be made to NCC. Concerns raised about access for carers. Herbie has spoken to owners parking on pavement and road.

v.     Hubbards Loke/Starlings’ Way update: Herbie to co-ordinate site visits for residents with Lovells.

vi.     BDC has given a named person at Housing Options for residents interested in the social housing.  It is important to ensure that anyone in housing need in Great Witchingham contacts the Housing Options Team at BDC, and registers their interest in these local connection properties (if they have not already done so).  This will enable the Housing Team to check that the correct details are held and to ensure those in need are still registered (some applications may have lapsed). The person to contact with regard to these local needs properties is:-

Alex Alston – Housing Needs Assistant

Direct dial number – 01603 430595

(1372)           War Memorials update: Stephen has resent photo to ensure correct design. War Memorial will be ready for November 11th

(1373)           Post Office facilities will open in The Bridge Pub in June; Mondays 8.30am – 10.30am and Thursdays 12noon – 2pm

(1374)           Update on Jubilee Wood public access agreement: Stephen to liaise with Mrs Comer.

(1375)           Update on Public Rights of Way: Link on GWPC website. UEA project will send maps. The PRW then need documenting. NCC responsible for maintenance.

Herbie has very kindly paid to have a handrail built on the steps from the PRW onto Heath Lane. GWPC thanked Herbie for his generous contribution.

(1376)           Update on Environment Agency: EA still looking at alternative solutions to desilting

(1377)           Parking on The Street: A sustainable plan is needed. GWPC to survey residents about possible changes and ask for suggestions.


GWPC minutes 24-04-2014

Date and time of next meeting: Thursday May 29th 2014



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