Parish Council Meeting 27th March 2014 – Minutes


Minutes of meeting held at Great Witchingham VA Primary School on Thursday 27th March 2014 at 7:45pm.


Signed: ……Stephen Williams………………………

Stephen Williams, Acting Clerk to the Parish Council


(1344) Welcome

(1345) In attendance: Stephen Williams, David Beaumont, David Sayer, Maria Fraser, Jane Wisbey. No apologies for absence

(1346) Co-option of councillor Herbie Burton

(1347) Minutes of the last council meeting agreed

(1348) Matters arising not mentioned elsewhere on the agenda

(1349) No declarations of interest from members in any item to be discussed

(1350) Meeting adjourned to allow public participation

(1351) Update on District Council Representation.

(1352) discussion on improvements to road safety in the area between the junction of Nowhere Lane and the A1067 where it enters the village. Meeting arranged with NCC Highways.

(1353) The speed sensing signs are working well and the bike racks are being made

(1354) Silting of River Wensum, Environment Agency Update: No dredging to take place. GWPC to pursue action plan with Environment Agency

(1355) Planning applications/matters

i. New street name for development next to Hubbards loke agreed as Starlings’ Way

ii. Street Lighting Hubbards Loke to remain as it is with NCC adopting all lighting and all new development street lighting.

iii. Awaiting meeting with NCC and BDC to discuss Clay Hall Farm

iv. GWPC to write to owner of land opposite the Garage to ask about plans for the site

(1356) Finance

i. Payment of £15.78 for upgrading insurance to include speed signs agreed

ii. Annual insurance to remain with provider from last year.

iii. Agreed  to authorise upgrade of speed signs to include data gathering.

(1357) War Memorial to be built by Lovells. SW to photo of old one to Lovells

(1358) Post Office facilities due to start in The Bridge Pub

(1359) SW to pursue Jubilee Wood public access agreement with landowner

(1360) SW to continue to gatherinformation on Public Rights of Way

GWPC minutes 27-03-2014


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