Parish Council Meeting 27th Nov 2014 – Minutes

(Draft minutes to be signed off on 29th January 2015)


Minutes of meeting of Great Witchingham Parish Council held at Great Witchingham Primary School on Thursday 27 November 2014 at 7:30pm.


Herbie Burton

David Beaumont

David Sayer

Maria Fraser

Nicki Marshall

Rowan Banks

Jane Wisbey (In the Chair)

Sonya Blythe (clerk)


(1442) Welcome


The Chair welcomed the new clerk, Sonya Blythe.

(1443)To consider Apologies for Absence


No apologies for absence were received.

(1444)To approve the Minutes of the Last Meeting


The minutes of the last council meeting were approved, subject to the following amendment:-


1426 – David Beaumont had declared an interest in the Norfolk wildlife park entrance item.

(1445)Matters Arising


There were no matters to raise which were not mentioned elsewhere on the agenda.

(1446)To Record Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest from members were made.



(a)To Adjourn the Meeting to Allow Public Participation


Regarding the zebra crossing outside Great Witchingham school it was agreed that that the PC would contact the community police officer to request their increased presence at school times. It was also agreed that Norfolk County Council (NCC) would be written to, to request that a patrol person be provided at school start and finish times. NM would approach the school to ask that they request this also.

(b)It was agreed that the PC would approach NCC to request that signs be placed on the 1067 directing traffic to the new village hall and war memorial. If they did not agree the PC would provide the funding for this.

(1448)To Discuss Remembrance Sunday


HB reported that over 100 people had attended the remembrance day parade. The PC recorded a vote of thanks to him for organising the event. It was agreed that the PC would write to the Bishop of Lynn and Lord Dannett to thank them for attending.

(1449)Update on Environment Agency.


Due to the large amount of silt within the river Wensum, it was reported that The Street was in danger of flooding this winter. It was agreed that RB would coordinate the response to this by drafting a letter to the Environment Agency to request that the silt be removed to improve the problem. He would also contact Broadland District Council (BDC) to ascertain whether sandbags were available and would speak to the village hall trust regarding the hall being used as an emergency centre in case of floods.

(1450)Update on BDC complaints


DB gave update on the complaint against Broadland District Council.


Clay Hall Farm enforcement – it was reported that BDC have written to Mr Dacre giving him 21 days to carry out the enforcement notice (tree planting). Mr Dacre had made a statement of intent to do this in January 2015.





(a)To discuss NCC highways issues affecting parish


HB made the following updates:-


·      New white lines would be painted on The Loke.

·      The potholes on Ladies Row had been filled with loose chippings which had dispersed already. NCC would send a crew to look.

·      The green litter bin near the bus shelter would be relocated to a more accessible area.

·      NCC would arrange for the culvert on the 1067 to be unblocked as it was causing flooding.

(b)Complaints had been received regarding dog mess in The Street.   It was agreed that the PC would write to BDC to request that the dog bin on the corner of The Street / Mill Lane be replaced.

(c)NCC had offered to trim the overhanging hedge on The Street free of charge but the resident had refused. The PC agreed to write to NCC to request that work be carried out on health and safety grounds rather then boundary reasons, as the hedge encroached the road so much that traffic had to drive on the opposite footpath to overtake parked cars. In addition it obscured the light from the nearby streetlight.

(1452)To consider planning applications/matters

(a)Clay Hall Farm


The Chair reminded the PC that two years previously they had supported an application to support a small development of houses on the six acre site where the old Pimlott Farm buildings stood in exchange for taking down these buildings and the rendering plant building. When the plans were actually submitted they were not supported by the PC as they requested 15 houses over 20 acres, then 16 houses over 15 acres. The PC had not changed its position in the meantime.


The Chair would look into what building class B2 was in case this was applied for.


It was noted that a fighting fund was being held in a separate account and could only be spent on Clay Hall Farm or returned to the people who donated it. It was agreed that the PC would review this fund annually to consider whether to return it, if it had not been used in the meantime.

(b)Planning applications


20141880 – Shackles Barn, Furze Lane – No objections.

(c)Entrance to Park Farm


It was reported that the new owners of Park Farm wished to build a new entrance to allow commercial vehicles to access the site easily, which the PC supported. BDC had removed Clause 4, stating no commercial vehicles could use the existing entrance, before the new drive was built and were refusing to reinstate it. The PC agreed to write to NCC and ask if this could be reinstated under highways safety reasons.

(1453)Update on bus shelter


The Chair was in the process of applying for a street furniture licence. Funding was all in place.


The bus stop near the Dinosaur park was in a dangerous location.   The PC agreed to request that it be moved.

(1454)To discuss finance issues


The following payments were agreed:-


Jenny Marshall – Litter picking to the end of October 2014 – receipt not yet received

Mr Crick (paint for bike rack) £83.97

Jane Wisbey – Printing costs for Remembrance Sunday service sheets – £21

(1455)To discuss Parish Christmas lunch


HB advised that he had organised a parish Christmas lunch for 35 people at the Bridge. Councillors recorded a vote of thanks.

(1456)To discuss Village Hall


The village hall was being handed over from the builders on 8 December and would open on 31 January 2015.

(1457)To discuss playground


It was reported that the PC had received a letter from BDC asking if the PC would like to take responsibility for the playground next to the village hall.


It was agreed that NM would meet Hazel Ellard from BDC to discuss funding options for a playground. The PC was interested in principle and would like information on the state of the land, a copy of the 5-year biodiversity plan, an up to date statement of accounts on completion, and whether there was money left in S106 funds for this.




(a)To discuss Jubilee Wood public access agreement, Public Rights of Way and update on Centenary Fields


The PC agreed to accept Caroline Comers offer of new footpath by Jubilee Wood to create a public right of way as a path via the Centenary Fields route would take some time. NM will speak to Hazel Ellard at BDC to speed up work on centenary fields. A letter had been received from BDC stating that currently there were no single people or families in the village in housing need and therefore they were not minded to build more social housing.

(b)The Chair advised that the turkey letter from Bernard Matthews was being waited on.

The meeting closed at 21:20


The date and time of next meeting were agreed as 29th January 2015 at 7.30pm as Great Witchingham school




Acting Clerk to the Parish Council



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