Parish Council Meeting 29th May 2014 – Minutes


Held at Great Witchingham VA Primary School on Thursday 29th May 2014 at 7:30pm.

Signed: ……Jane Wisbey………………………

Acting Clerk to the Parish Council



(1378)        Welcome

GWPC expressed thanks to Stephen Williams for doing an extremely good job as   Chair and Acting Clerk

(1379)        Jane Wisbey elected as Chair

(1380)        Hurbie Burton elected as Vice-chair

(1381)        Co-option of Nicki Marshall to GWPC

(1382)        Minutes of the last council meeting approved

(1383)        Matters arising not mentioned elsewhere on the agenda:

  1. Lack of license for Norfolk Wildlife Park to be put on agenda for next meeting. Request to add it to GWPC complaint against BDC planning
  2. Herbie has found many old pictures of Lenwade to put on GWPC website

(1384)        No declarations of interest from members in any item to be discussed

(1385)        To adjourn the meeting to allow public participation:

  1. Request for bus shelter at east/top end of village. GWPC to look into cost, planning, designs etc.
  2. Complaints that BDC had removed dog bins BDC said were not used. Residents claim they were always used. GWPC to write to BDC.
  3. Thanks to new litter picker who is making a real difference to the village
  4. Member of public has sent email to Rev. Tillett about hole in graveyard.

(1386)        Update on District Council Representation adjourned until next meeting.

(1387)        Finance:

i.         Insurance paid

ii.         Year End Accounts signed off

iii.         NALC paid

iv.         Parish litter collection wages paid

v.         Churchyard grass cutting paid

vi.         Clerks salary paid

(1388)        Hubbards Loke/Starlings’ way site visit to take place on 14th June. Details on website and noticeboard

(1389)        Residents to monitor problem parking on Heath Close

(1390)        Waiting for update from NCC on improvements to road safety in the area between the junction of  Nowhere Lane and the A1067 where it enters the village.

(1391)        Speed sensing signs now collecting data. Quotes being obtained for bike racks.

(1392)        Planning applications/matters

i.     Clay Hall Farm: BDC has said they will begin enforcement of outstanding planning conditions. GWPC continues to support small development on site in exchange for removal of existing buildings

ii.     Land opposite the Garage: BDC have approached housing association to negotiate purchase and development for one bedroom properties for over 55’s.

iii.     Request for double yellow lines from Heath Lane to Porters lane on the North side of A1067. GWPC to first send out general letter to residents at east/top end of village.

iv.     Herbie has made numerous phone calls and met with Old Comrades Association, Rev. Tillett and Lovell’s regarding the War Memorial. GWPC agreed it must be done properly. Service and rededication to be held 3pm Remembrance Sunday with Bishop of Lynn

(1393)        Post Office facilities begin at Bridge Pub on Mondays 8.30am to 10.30am and Thursdays 12noon to 2pm. Details on website and noticeboard.

(1394)        Herbie and Jane have meeting with Mrs Comer about Jubilee Wood public access agreement

(1395)        Public Rights of Way to be discussed at next meeting

(1396)        GWPC undertaking questionnaire about speeding and parking in The Street

(1397)        Environment Agency to cut Cabbage Leaf at end of season. The flood risk is increasing and cannot be ignored. To be discussed at 6 Chairs meeting.

(1398)        GWPC to request Bernard Matthews to continue to donate turkeys to elderly residents in need at Christmas.

(1399)        Village Fete to be held at Bridge Pub on 19th July. All stalls £5.00

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Date and time of next meeting:  Thursday June 26th 2014







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