Parish Council Meeting 9th October 2014 – Minutes


Minutes of meeting of Great Witchingham Parish Council held at Lenwade House Hotel on Thursday 9th October 2014 at 7:30pm.

Signed: Acting Clerk to the Parish Council




(1421)                       Welcome

(1422)                       No apologies for absence

(1423)                       Minutes of the last council meeting approved

(1424)                       Co-option of Rowan Banks

(1425)                       Matters arising not mentioned elsewhere on the agenda:

  1. reports that parishioner had been shot at on Lenwade Public Footpath 2 between Heath Lane and Hall walk . Police informed and talked to person involved. Matter resolved. Maria to check on law.
  2. Community police now watching crossing where motorists have been seen going through red lights. They have asked that people take number plates of cars.
  3. Complaints of noise from The Bridge pub. Matter for BDC Environmental Health
  4. Morse Close should have been adopted, but it has not been. GWPC to ask NCC (John Winnett) to clarify situation.
  5. Concerns raised over allocation of social housing
  6. GWPC councillors responsibilities; Rowan and Nikki to deal with village hall issues, David B. to deal with BDC complaint, Herbie to do War Memorial, Maria to do parish land including river and maintenance of orchard next to The Bridge Pub, David S. to advise on Clay Hall Farm. New Clerk to start next meeting.

(1426)           No declarations of interest from members in any item to be discussed

(1427)                       Meeting to allow public participation

(1428)           District Council Representation. GWPC to write to Leader of Conservative group.

(1429)           David Beaumont gave update on complaint against Broadland District Council. BDC complaints procedure not seen as being fit for purpose.

(1430)                       NCC highways issues affecting parish

  1. Overgrown vegetation blocking speed signs at bottom of hill
  2. Lady’s row

(1431)           6 Chairs meeting discussed including update on neighbourhood plans. It was felt these were not worth the time, money and effort.

(1432)           Village Hall Trust have included update on name            in their latest newsletter. Various licenses are being explored.

(1433)                        Playground has been put on hold

(1434)           Bike racks due to be installed and painted

(1435)                       Planning applications/matters

  1. Clay Hall Farm: GWPC sent letter to Dacre reinforcing position of parish
  2. Maxims to become a private house
  3. Concerns that entrance to Park Farm from A1067 has had condition 4 removed by BDC planning. This is a highway safety issue. GWPC to write to BDC

(1436)           War Memorial is now finished and Herbie has organised Remembrance Sunday with Old Comrades association, Colours, Bishop of Lynn to conduct service, Taverham band Master to play The Last Post. Church has agreed to pay for lettering etc. from St Faith’s money given for War Memorial.

(1437)           GWPC in discussions with landowner about Jubilee Wood public access agreement, Public Rights of Way and Centenary Fields. GWPC to accept landowner’s offer of new PRoW. NCC to complete legal paperwork.

(1438)           Bus shelter to go ahead with most of funding from NCC grant.

(1439)           No update on parking issues on The Street

(1440)           Update on Environment Agency to be discussed at next meeting

(1441)           GWPC have requested Bernard Matthews continue with its Christmas turkey distribution


Date and time of next meeting: 27th November at 7.30pm




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